View Full Version : I had the scariest day yesterday

07-17-10, 04:29 PM
Hello all
We were coming home to Columbia Tenn. yesterday,stopped at a rest area before heading home.While getting back on the highway i had a big rig in the right hand lane, no problem i just put the pedal to the metal,when the rpms reached 5000 it jumped to 7500 and the caddy began to sputter and loose power.I had to head for the sholder so the rig didn't run me over.I was in touring mode not sport mode.I got it back to highway speed slowly,but any time i tried full throttle the same thing happened when reaching 5000 rpms in either sport or touring mode.There were not warning lights when it happens.To my dismay this morning my battery was dead.I contacted the dealer who had a flat bed come pick it up.I will be anxious to hear what he finds out.My caddy is an awd premeium with just over 6000 miles.

07-18-10, 04:39 PM
So is the dealer equating the dead battery with the Throttle issue? That is a surprise to me since I always thought the alternator powers the car when running? I guess there is too much resistance at high RPMs by the dead battery???

07-18-10, 07:18 PM
The dealer informed me that my caddy was due for a recall for excess battery wear after checking.I believe the other issue may be seperate. I will be calling him tomorrow to see what he found out.Will post when i know more.

07-19-10, 06:41 PM
Great news my dealer call and said it was a solenoid on the transmission needed to be replaced.I was fearing they would have to replace the transmission.Now i am waiting on the part to come in.