: 81' 368 Commercial Chassis Help!

stunter bob
07-17-10, 03:32 PM
I just bought this Hearse with the 368 4bbl and the previous owner had taken just about every hose off from the carb and some stuff seems missing on the drivers side valve cover. Im pretty sure there a hose that goes from the Drivers side valve cover to the air cleaner but im not sure

If anyone has one of these cars...Id LOVE to get a few pictures from the engine bay to help me put this thing back together

Few shots of the valve covers, vapor canistor and a good shot under the air cleaner so i can see what hoses go where.

Thanks guys!

And just so you know what beast I am trying to get back on the road..here she is!



07-21-10, 10:55 PM
Depending on what area of the U.S. You live in, a smog testing shop is required to keep books on vacuum hose routings. Make a copy. Is there no decal underhood to show routing? Alot of people are dying to get one of those!