: Front Calipers Problem!

07-17-10, 04:49 AM
Hello, Everyone!

I own a 1991 Eldorado. Just replaced all four calipers, master cylinder, Brake hoses and pads.

My problem is after I had bled the complete system, my front calipers remain locked on my front rotors (both front sides) after applying the brakes at the first inital press and remains that away. I have re-bled the complete system several times now and can not resolve the problem. If I remove the brake line from the master cylinder and attempt to compress the piston I receive no brake fluid showing, if I attach brake line back to M/C and open bleeder valve caliper piston retracts, if I close bleeder valve attempt to compress caliper piston with with all lines connected pistons will not compress. But fluid does travel down to front calipers. Any help from your expertise would be greatly appreciated.
How can I resolve this, does this have anything to do with the ABS modulator?

07-18-10, 10:08 AM
Well, the answer to the problem is in the brake lines, they are defective! restricting the flow of brake fluid to pass back through the brake hoses.

The answer was in the original post.

Thank you.