: 1998 Deville With Hard Starting And A Slight Gas Odor

09-03-04, 11:43 PM
Hey all,

I have a 1998 Deville with 78K miles. I did a 100K service at 50K when I noticed the performance was a bit lacking. I installed new plugs, wires, etc. There was a BROKEN plug in the bunch. Once replaced and timed to 650 rpm at idle, the car was fine.

Fast forward to now. My car was running fine until about a week ago, when I started getting an occasional hard starting problem. I would be like every 4th start, then every third, then every second, until it got to the point that EVERY start was a hard start, and with a slight gas odor.

I tested the battery and saw it needed replacement. Then I changed the fuel filter, air filter, the oil filter and oil, and added a Bottle of techron to the gas tank, thinking I'd need to clean the injectors.

It started fine. Next morning: Hard start again, with a slight gas odor.

Funny thing is, once the car is running, it seems to run fine, no stalling or hesitation or even dieseling when I turn off the ignition. I did notice my gas milage has been several miles to the gallon less.

Question: Is this possibly an injector problem, or could it be a spark plug problem?

Thanks for your tips.

09-04-04, 12:12 AM
Sounds like this is the classic leaking Fuel Pressure Regulator.

This is located on the fuel rail, under the chrome cover on the top of the engine. Costs about $75.

To test, pull the vacumn line off the regulator, start the car. If any fuel drips out of the fitting, it is leaking.

09-04-04, 11:39 AM
Also look closely at the fuel rails for leaks. The '95 - '97's are being recalled. I would'nt think the '98's are imuned.

09-04-04, 04:55 PM
Thanks LCLCLC and Ranger, for your helpful tips.

Of course a short while ago, I started the car and it fired up like new, with no hard start, after being parked for over 10 hours.

I checked the FPR vacuum hose and the unit is not leaking or dripping anything at this time. The Fuel rail is likewise free of leaks.

If it was accumulated gunk and munge in the injectors, hopefully the techron helped to "blow most of it out," accounting for the puff of smoke when I started it the other day, after replacing the battery, fuel, oil and air filters and oil, and adding the techron.

I suspect if I go back to hard starts, I'll begin to suspect the injectors and test same.

Again, thank you both for your suggestions!

09-04-04, 09:05 PM
Be careful with that fuel system cleaner. It has been known to eat the insulation off fuep pump windings.

09-04-04, 10:26 PM
Thanks for the heads-up Ranger. If there is subsequent hard starting, perhaps, a look-see at the actual injectors might be in order, although I will probably defer to my master mechanic pal for that one.

I hope this is it for now, since the car started fine this afternoon after over 10 hours parked.

We get soooo used to our Caddilacs starting up every time, for years on end, that when something happens, it feels almost catastrophic.....

09-17-04, 05:40 PM
My master mechanic pal says my FI (Fuel Injector) Pump is starting to go. Hence, sometimes I get a immediate start, sometimes, I crank for about 10 to 15 seconds before the car starts.

Thanks again to all who had advice!