: Windnoise and transmission shudder

07-16-10, 03:28 PM
Two (totally unrelated) recent issues with my car I was wondering if I could get some input on.

1) Sometimes (not too often) when I go from reverse to D the transmission will make some weird sounds and the car will shudder a bit. Seems like it's most common if I'm on an uphill type arrangement (so the car wants to roll backwards)

2) Just this week, I've started having a fairly severe wind-noise that sounds like it's coming from the windshield. It sounds like standing on a sailboat in high wind.

My car's still under warranty so I was planning to just take it to the dealer and let them deal with both, but wanted input here first.

07-16-10, 03:52 PM
Dealer for the transmission problems for sure, they need to have all that info on record so if you have a failure, it can be traced.

Windsheild, sounds like the seals might have popped or broken, does it get wet inside when it rains/car wash? If so, bad seal, any windshield shop should be able to fix or if the car is under warranty Cadillac should cover that no problem, windsheild doesn't have to be replaced, just the trim.