: Manual Transmission oil change/fill

Club Malibu
07-16-10, 07:11 AM
I'm going to be changing/checking the oil level in my manual transmission soon. I bought the manual tranny oil from the Chevy dealership at $8 a quart. Part Number = 88861800 as per owner's manual. Owner's manual says 4 quarts. I just bought six for just in case.

I do not have the helm shop manual yet. (Not availible for '10 yet)

I was looking earlier underneath the car and I found a plug on the driver's side of the tranny with a square 3/8" drive socket and next the the socket it said "FILL". I found an equal plug on the passenger's side of the tranny located more to the rear on a low point with no words/text near it. I guess that's the drain.

So I'm assuming that I just drain it out, and then fill it back up with about 4 quarts and keep filling till the oil starts coming out of the fill hole and then I'll know it's topped off.

I will measure the amount of oil that was orginally in the gear box just to keep stats on the "lack of GM filling up our cars with fluids properly" problem.

I bought this handy-dandy fluid pump from JEGS and before I drain the oil, I'm going to make sure I can make that wicked bend for the fill hole.

So for those who have done this before, is there anything else I should know?

I did notice some lock-tite stuff on the threads of the fill plug and the drain plug. I guess I should re-apply some locktite "blue" to threads again when tightening everything up.

I do not have the HELM so I was hoping someone here could tell me the torque specs for these plugs?

I would like to put synthetic oil in the gear box eventually/soon. For those who did it, what type/brand of synthetic oil have you been putting into your manual transmissions?

07-16-10, 09:58 AM
I put redline in my C5 when I did the change. I did not notice a difference in shift feel or engagement.

Be sure to loosen the fill plug before you open the drain. That way if the fill gets stuck or you round it off, you're not left with an empty gearbox. :lol: