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07-15-10, 01:44 PM
Figured I'd start a new thread on here to organize a meet and greet :D Need to know how many people would be interested in going, also going to need to figure out a where/when/what.

Ideas for what:
Hooters or other restaurant
Raceway Park (north jersey) or other track/course

Ideas for when:
Hearing alot of people say august and i have to agree that sounds good to me. it give enough time for people to plan and not too much that they'd forget ;D

Somewhere in the middle makes the most sense to me, easy for more people to make the trip if it's shorter.

Please post any ideas you can think of! Really looking forward to this :bouncy:

07-15-10, 02:17 PM
im defiantly thinking a hooters or some sort of restaurant , i get hungry after long trips lol. i think it would be better than a track, altho u can get better pictures there. im sure others will chime in but i VOTE HOOTERS, never been to one in NJ maybe ill try finding one near Jersey Shore or Ocean City???? would anybody like that?

get some pics w/ the ocean in the background and some casinos and bars around? just a option

07-15-10, 03:18 PM
Haha true, one vote for hooters it is. Being 19 the casino option is out for me but i would still go for the cars and such.

07-15-10, 03:49 PM
Haha true, one vote for hooters it is. Being 19 the casino option is out for me but i would still go for the cars and such.

ha ha im 19 too, but casinos mean hot girls and im down for that, especially summer time.. plus.. jersey shore or ocean city would be a great spot to roll up with a line up for 50 or more CTS. a nice day in august in jersey shore would be fresh

07-15-10, 09:22 PM
I'm down for Hooters. I'm 20 and can't go to bars or casinos either. And I live in Jersey, so luckily I won't have to drive far, or else I'll probably be a no-show :D But I think it would be fun if we could all go to a track and drive around there a bit and then hit up Hooters, or Benihanas, both equally amusing.

07-15-10, 11:12 PM
im saying jersey shore and hooters... ill go to the track still .. not a fan tho

07-15-10, 11:16 PM
Alright well this all sounds great but so far it looks like there's only three of us lol.

07-16-10, 01:00 AM
so whens this goin down?

07-16-10, 09:23 AM
so whens this goin down?

Well that's part of what we're trying to decide on but not many people are chiming in. :bigroll: Would it be easier to just set a date/place/event and just inform everyone on it rather than asking opinions?

07-16-10, 10:38 AM
I can't do weekends, most week days I'll be free though. But don't change it to a week day just for me, if everyone wants weekend then I'll see if I can call out or something.

07-16-10, 11:21 AM
august 19th, 12pm-6pm Hooters in Jersey Shore.. or somthing olpike that... pepole arent chiming in... make it a date and if they come they come

07-16-10, 11:32 AM
August 19th at 12pm for Hooters sounds good to me, It's a tuesday. This work for the rest of us?

07-16-10, 12:44 PM
Exactly pick a date and spread the word.. only problem is there are no Hoooters on the Jersey shore unless we hit up AC but if some of you aren't 21 it would be a lame meet... Best route is to have this meet on a weekend to get the guys working long shifts to come out..

You guys check out the New Jeresy Owners thread in the V1 section.. there are some meets coming up, everyone is welcome

07-16-10, 02:15 PM
August 19 is a Thursday and will probably work for me. There's a Hooters in East Brunswick and one in Union. Who's down?!

07-16-10, 04:07 PM
black cadillac ur the one planning.. i wanna have more then 5 cars up there lmao

ya weekend might work better, better turn out

07-17-10, 05:59 PM
Ok well then how about the 19th? It's the saturday of the same week. As for the location I'm going to call Hooters and see what kind of deals they can get us for a large group and which ever location is more convenient we'll go with that.

07-17-10, 10:59 PM
19th is a Thursday though.

07-19-10, 09:27 AM
Typo, meant the 21st lol. Waiting for a call back from Hooters with some info. Once I get it all planned out i'll make a new thread with all the information.

07-20-10, 05:30 AM
Always too far north for me.

07-20-10, 02:40 PM
I think this will most likely end up a Jersian meet.

07-25-10, 11:20 PM
I d definitely be interested in going and know i can bring at least another fellow V driver as well from NY. We should definitely push to get a good turnout.

07-29-10, 11:28 AM
I'm out for august, going down to florida for a while.... I think we need more planning time anyway. also, hooters was already set for an event with some other party for that weekend >.<

08-17-10, 09:36 AM
I am 63. Hooters might be a bit much for me !!
Atlantic Shity might be too hectic, loud and confusing for me !
We have a very big parking lot, here, at the Willow Rest Home !

Getting REAL, now..... Washington State Park, a Mile outta Morristown, N.J. is a beautiful & huge State Park, for displaying cars, and a mile from Morristown Center, a County Seat, College Town, 100s of eating / drinking places.
A yuppie/college attmosphere-type area. and a go go type bar or 2 or 3.
Just a suggestion.
Best part is that I can get there in 40 minutes & will not have to
wear my "Depends" !! I'd like to meet 'ya all ~ B-4 my tyme runs out.
I promise to bring my 1993 Sixty Special with 10,000 miles on her, and my wife
in case I AM OVERCOME from meeting everybody & need a driver to get home.
I drive her 588 miles a year, between May & October. (The car - Not the wife!)

08-17-10, 01:53 PM
I say NORTHeast and you all come to Upstate NY. Let's do this in Albany NY