: Update on Cadillac Europe distribution

07-14-10, 05:19 AM
After GM promised to return to Europe at the Geneva Auto Salon it went very quiet for a while. New cars from the complete Cadillac palette should be available at fall this year. For that to be true customers should've been able to get a brochure from the dealers and configure their car by now. European distribution was announced to be taken over by IFS in the Netherlands. It didn't come so far. Yet.

Finally few weeks ago GM/Cadillac US offered all european dealers to order their stock directly from the states. Delivery would take place 6 months after ordering. That meant, that every dealer had to invest millions in their own stock and there wouldn't be any central coordination of european stock. And only digital brochures of the Cadillac palette were made available on www.cadillaceurope.com (http://www.cadillaceurope.com/). PR plans were practically none. Not quite an attitude of taking Europe serious.

In effect, none of the european dealers placed an order. They all demand a central european distributor that can take a stock and coordination and official physical quality brochures for potential customers.

GM/Cadillac US reacted and will come with a new solution/proposal in 4 weeks.