: Bacon Explosion for Jesda

ted tcb
07-13-10, 01:03 AM
Here's the link to the ambitious recipe, lots of good pics.

Might be a summer bbq treat suitable for one Jesda?

I may have to try this once before I die.



07-13-10, 06:55 AM
:bacon: :bacon2:

Intense, but I'm gonna have to say that DOES look awesome.

I kept reading the page and going "Oh god, when does the second top layer of bacon get added? Bacon on bacon? This is ridiculous! And then he busted out the sausage roll-up and my mind was blown, officially. :lol:

07-13-10, 07:50 AM
If I'm gonna eat something like that, I'd better be within walking distance of the Mayo Clinic so I can just check myself right in afterwords to be on the safe side.

07-13-10, 09:14 AM
Yeah, or like already sitting in the ER.

07-13-10, 11:18 PM
Call da amber lamps!