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07-11-10, 11:33 AM

I bought a 2000 ETC a couple weeks ago. It seemed fine when purchased, but does have head gasket failure.
Has anyone successfully tried Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer for this type of problem?
How have you gotten all the antifreeze out of the engine block.
Last question, do you have to drop the engine in order to get the heads off?


07-11-10, 12:00 PM
If you do a little searching you'll find that those miracles in a bottle have been discussed at length and will not work. Yes, the drivetrain needs to be dropped out the bottom to remove the heads and drill and tap the bolt holes.

07-11-10, 03:32 PM
Stay away from miracle sealants. Avoid them like the plague. They make a deeply involved repair, more involved.

Lower the cradle or pull the engine, stud the block, install new gaskets and you'll be good to go for many, many more years with as much wide-open-throttle as you like.

Sounds like you bought a beauty, even with the issues. 00-02 ETCs are a very desireable car (at least for me! :D).

07-11-10, 05:28 PM
I think the biggest problem with the HG repair-in-a-bottle kits is that they can't deal with dynamic environments relating to the head traveling away from the block. They can seal small cracks but would obviously have difficulties maintaining a seal where each side of the crack are moving. There is a big name company that has a "Professional" kit that even comes with a cheesy 3 month guarantee and even they state that it cannot deal with the type of situation that plagues the Northstars.

07-11-10, 06:15 PM
Thanks a lot for the fast reply and info on the snake oil. I figured as much that the gaskets would have to be replaced. I was just hoping for a cheap miracle. LOL.
Anyway, I am new to this site. It takes me forever to find things. Are there any how to postings on how to fix the gaskets?
Can the block be retaped, or does a timesert need to be installed?
Yes, the care is a beauty. Too bad the gaskets are shot.



07-11-10, 06:53 PM
Just start going back through Northstar Performance threads - and maybe in Cadillac Discussion, Tech Tips.

The block head bolt hole thread(s) fail, the head bolt(s) lose clamping pressure, and the gaskets fail, bleeding combustion gas into the coolant passages. With failed block head bolt threads no amount of magic will repair the metal damage. The best bet is to take a look at www.northstarperformance.com for the most elegant, permanent fix to the problem. Also, do a Google for Norm's Inserts - a more robust version of the earlier Timesert kits.

In any event the relative Northstar amateur should, for the most reliable, easiest machining job, drop the drivetrain out of the car.

Go to this site, right now: www.alldatadiy.com .......subscribe your car for a year. Start reading. A LOT !!!

07-11-10, 07:31 PM
Dropping the cradle is not as hard as you think. A lot of us have done it at home. Use an engine hoist to lift the body and there is the engine ready to fix!

07-11-10, 07:52 PM
You can also; with careful hands; pull the engine out the top. I've heard a few guys- not only myself- but other techs say "It's easier pulling the engine. Drop the cradle and you still have the transmission and everything attatched. Pull the engine and it's right there, ready to work on".

07-11-10, 09:15 PM
Are there any how to postings on how to fix the gaskets?
Check the "Tech Tips" section. I think Zonie and Tateos both have one there.

08-22-10, 05:31 PM

Thanks again for all the help.
I did a bunch of reading on the subject of head gaskets for the Northstar. I ended up dropping the engine. I just ordered a stud kit from Northstar Performance.
My question is what do you think is the best head gasket for this application?



08-22-10, 10:37 PM
There's lots of opinions but only a few people do enough of these to really be knowledgeable. Jake (97Eldocoupe) or Mike Lawson or EWill should have a professional opinion.

As a DIY'er I use any name brand. I'd stay away from any off brands.