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09-03-04, 06:09 AM
This is my second Cadillac. I had never driven a Cadillac before 1994, but we were looking for a big car to replace a 9 year old Escort that we did not want to drive from NC to California. My wife test drove a well used í84 CDV with a lot of hidden rust and loved that huge car ride. The rust scared me off. The day we were going to settle on an í86 Olds wagon, we happened upon a silver 1986 Brougham w/107k. It was well cared for car, previously owned by a retired Air Force Colonel who had recently died and the car was traded by the widow. I got it wholesale, $3k being in the right place and time. It only made it to Russell, Arkansas in a driving rain. Luckily I was also driving a rented moving van and hauling a trailer in case my wife did not want to drive. The car didnít really die, just lacked power and surged a lot. It took two months, $1,500 of diagnostic work and unnecessarily replaced parts to chase it down to a faulty ignition module. We loved this car. It took us on many trips to the Sierras, Redwoods, San Francisco, Sacramento, Reno and Yosemite. Unfortunately, I was sitting at a stoplight on hwy 12 when I glanced in my mirror and saw an early 70ís LeSabre not slowing down and the driver panicking. I had enough time to take my foot off the brake and tell the family weíre going to be hit. Good thing we didn't have the Escort. The car was not totaled, but the front seat was bent backwards, the back caved in and it was never the same after it was fixed. I tried to find another CDV to trade, but no luck. It was traded for a í95 Mazda 626 in í96. I wanted reliable transportation and until the tranny went wacky in 1998, (didnít know what gear to be in) it was. The car was under warranty, so I took it to Mazda. They tried to tell me the transmission was fine, but it needed a tune-up, new wires and a valve cover gasket (oil leak contaminating wires). Because these were wear items, it would cost to replace them. I said no need, I could do that. I bought the parts, went to pull the wires and found they were dry as dust. I rushed back to the dealer and demanded an explanation. The service manager asked the mechanic and he said that he had not found anything wrong with my car. He got mine mixed up with another 626 he was working on when he filled out the service report. Fine then, I promptly drove the car over to the new car sales and traded it on a 1998 626. 3 days later the sales manager wanted to know why I hadnít told them about the transmission problem. I told them to talk to the service manager, because he had found nothing wrong with the car. I found out later they replaced the transmission. When I finally got a computer and searched the internet, I found out Mazda (Ford) had a huge problem with those transmissions and tried to keep it covered up. In 2002 we traded the 626 for a fun car, a í01 Sebring convertible (best Chrysler since the hand built Imperials). My wife loves this car, and when we got it, my son was 12 and only 5í4Ē. He is now over 6Ē and still growing. Iím 6í4Ē and my wife is 6í. We needed a bigger car. We always had a soft spot for Cadillac, but wanted to try the SUV thing. I am a Ford fan and hate Chevy/GMC/Escalade. Japanese SUVís are to small/expensive. I won't discuss Jeep/Durango crap. The only SUV that would fit our needs was an Expedition/Navigator. I test drove several, but I couldnít stand the truck ride, poor fuel economy, handling and acceleration. So I started looking for a big car. I had test drove several Caddies over the years since we got rid of the Brougham, but couldnít find the right one. Man, the Northstars are awesome. SLS/STS and Eldo are great in the front seat, but no one can sit in back. Fleetwoods are big enough, but no Northstar, they have Chevy engines. I hate the look of the headlights on the 2000+ CDV/DHL/DTS. I'm not even going to address the CTS. What was Cadillac thinking? Anyway long story short, I found a crimson red 1998 Concours w/80k, sunroof, 12 CD changer, memory package, StabiliTrak sport suspension, RDS Cassette/ CD/stereo, and chrome wheels VIN #1G6KF5499WU759957. Interesting sequential number. Iíve made one trip to Colorado Springs and was impressed with power, ride and mileage. The only problem I had was the chrome trim blew off the back bumper. Iíve since replaced it and was very happy with results with www.paintscratch.com touch up paint. The paint is very expensive, but even with tricolor paint, it was a perfect match. The only issue I still have is I'd like to touch up the wear on the leather where it has creased. Any suggestions? This is a great forum. Looking forward to reading/posting.

09-03-04, 06:21 AM
See what happens when you stay up way to late. CDV was supposed to be SDV and DHL shouls be DHS. Sorry.

09-05-04, 07:02 AM
hate to hear what happened to your Brougham. glad to have ya. welcome to the forum. :welcome:

09-06-04, 12:58 AM
Welcome, we dont have to many devout ford folks that I know of lol. The Concours is a really great car!


09-06-04, 09:36 PM

I love the Concours, great ride and power! Thanks for signing up!