: 95 Eldorado with Jake's studs

07-10-10, 11:33 PM
I have a 95 Eldorado that had the classic signs of a blown head gasket. Would idle fine but after only one full throttle take off, temp would shoot all the way up, limp mode would kick in and antifreeze would just pour out the overflow tube. I had planned to fix head gaskets myself. After removing several head bolts and finding part of an insert still attached to the head bolt, I knew the only way to do the job right was to install Jake's Northstar Performance Studs. I planned on only doing the studs but after I had everything off motor, I could see that I had a pretty good mid case oil leak. After contacting Jake, I decided to pull the engine, stick everything in the back of my son's Explorer and make the 8 hour drive to Jake's shop. Upon arriving early in the morning, I met Jake, the shop and his dog. Jake gave me the tour, fully explained what he was going to do and then went to work. I took a little nap in my truck then headed into town for lunch. When I returned, Jake showed me that one of my heads had corrosion and was no good. I would have never noticed this corrosion if I had done this job myself. Fortunately for me, Jake had a mint used head.While he was installing the studs, he allowed me to watch for a few minutes. I think it would take dynamite to have these studs pull out of the block. I also could see why these Northstars leak oil. My rubber oil seal was hard and it looked like it shrunk.
Long story short, Jake and his apprentice John finished the job as promised. Every part was washed and inspected for wear. If a bolt fell on the floor, it was washed before being installed. All tightened bolts were double checked for correct torque. I could tell Jake and John took a lot of pride in their work.
Well tonight, I took the Eldo out for the first time with the new studs and oil seals. After several good all out foot to the floor romps, the temp never moved. No overheating! No limp mode! No antifreeze pouring out overflow! No oil leaks! Engine runs great.
I again would like to thank you Jake and John for your service. Keep up the great work. If anyone has questions, feel free to send me a message. Jake, tell your parents I said hello.

07-11-10, 09:35 AM
Thank you for the kind words Pete! I know you're going to enjoy that Eldorado for years to come! :thumbsup: Keep that beauty on the road!

07-13-10, 11:19 AM
what type of corrosion did you see on the head? combustion chamber side or somewhere else?

07-13-10, 01:27 PM
Heavy pitting around the coolant passages. Over .125" deep- very severe. I've only seen this on about 4 heads to date.

07-13-10, 05:50 PM
and it was only on the one head. other head was fine.

07-13-10, 06:17 PM
Yeah that was so weird- the last time I saw that was on a '98 Deville and it was both heads and the coolant crossover.