: Northstar tranny pan bolt.

07-10-10, 10:42 PM
Can anyone tell me a generic replacement for a 4T80E tranny pan bolt,
GM part # 1647346 (M6X1.0x17THD) The General wants 3 TO 4$ each,'times
16 is redonkulusssss, I went to Lowe's specialty hardware and found a M6x1.O
X15.5 the hardness is 10.9. It is not a tight fit but runs the threads our with'
ease. Can I substitute these at.39cents each with the same capped screw with a built in washer like the original. The thread pitch is a bit off but the
shank is loose in th threads a bit, It draws tight ok but don;t know if it ill hold
a tork value or will leak or loosen, Any generic M6x1,0 by 17 bolts available cheep; out there??
Bob T

07-11-10, 11:36 AM
Try a true hardware store.

07-11-10, 04:39 PM
...........or the big drawers at a NAPA.

07-12-10, 03:18 AM
Don't use a hardware store bolt. The tolerances are off. The bolts will come loose with all of the vibration. You can get replacement bolts cheap at the junkyard.