: Defective Wireless Headphones

07-10-10, 10:06 PM
I noticed a few months ago that the reception of the wireless headphones on Channel 2 is extremely poor. The signal fades constantly. Channel 1 is fine. For those unfamiliar with these, Channel 1 is used for DVD listening. Channel 2 is used for everything else.....radio, CD, Aux, etc. Rear seat passengers can listen to a different music source than the driver/front seat passenger, simultaneously. This is for the vehicles with the rear entertainment system. Now I read on the GM Tech Link below that this issue is known to GM and they've redesigned the headphones. According to the link, the older headphones should be replaced under warranty. This is not a matter of "if" you're experiencing this problem. If you have the old style headphones, you "do" have the problem. You probably haven't noticed it yet, since most people only listen to the headphones with DVDs. All of the old style headphones are affected. The way to distinguish the old style from the new ones is simple. The new version has earpieces that swivel and fold flat. Scroll down to the pic at link below.