: Back up lights / HVAC problems!

07-09-10, 11:45 PM
Good evening folks.

A newbie here, been lurking for a few days. Decided to join after I seen how much info is on this site and how helpful the members are to one another.

I'm working on a 07' with 58,000 miles. Bought new, no issues until now. Of course they start after the 50,000 bumper to bumper warranty expires!!!!

I have 2 problems I would like to discuss.

1. I have no back up lights. When the car is placed in reverse, the back up camera comes on and the park assist lights illuminate correctly and it beeps correctly. Checked fuses - ok. Ohmed out bulbs - ok. Checked voltage at back up light sockets - nothing, 0 volts.

I haven't fooled with these 6 speed trannys much other than changing the filter and fluid. Last time I had it on the lift I do remember seeing a decent size round electrical connector on the right upper side of the housing. I can get around the older 4L60E trannys just fine and have replaced many neutral safety switches on these. I have never paid attention to see if this 6 speed has a neutral safety switch like the older set up. Anyways, I haven't dug any further than the quick and obvious things to check and was looking for some guidance from you guys.

2. This is a problem with the passenger side climate control. Say the passenger side temp is set to 68 degrees. Your going down the road and hit a big bump and the temp goes all the way hot, getting full heat out of the duct. Couple of miles later, hit another big bump, temp goes back to the 68 degrees. This is some what of an intermitten problem but it happens just as I described. It's like the blend door is opening and closing with the bumps.

I've done some internet research on this one and came across some 07' Silverado owners with similar issues. One gentleman said a GM tech had informed him it was a problem with the electrical connectors on the end of the right side of the dash. There is a couple of big connectors there and one is for the HVAC. Apparently, the individual prongs inside the connector are loose. One guy had the connector end replaced and another guy spread out the prongs with a pocket screwdriver. I don't have any of the wiring schematics to pinpoint the connector. Have any of you guys had this issue or heard anything about it?

I really appreciate any and all help. My apologies in advance if there is a thread somewhere covering either of these 2 problems.


07-12-10, 05:42 PM
Wierd- HVAC

About the tranny and filter?....I was messing around with it and the exahust is in the way. How did you get the pan off?

07-12-10, 11:50 PM
The first 6 speed I serviced was on an 07' Denali. It had me flustered for a few minutes because the exhaust keep the pan from dropping out.

I ended up taking a long screw driver (36") and pryed down gently on the y-pipe. Be easy on it, you only need like 1/2". Then the pan will twist out. The first one I did I had a buddy help with the pry bar. I've done several now and can do them by myself. Of course, I am working on a lift. Don't worry about the y-pipe, just don't get wild with it, you don't need much.

I think they hold around 6 quarts of Dexron VI. I remember on my first one I had to go through GM and get an OEM filter, aftermarket wasn't available.

07-18-10, 10:57 PM
Hey guys,

I'm going to throw this one back to the top and see if I get any ideas!