: Why my intercooler is as thick as it is.....

07-09-10, 10:37 PM
Well, I could have made it as thick as i wanted, but i saw that as i went thicker, the airflow going thru the core was slowing down ALOT and it took higher mph for it to have the same efficiency as when it was thinner...

The only way to fix this problem was to run 2 small fans on the cooler itself and that made it very loud and annoying. To "PULL" the air thru the thick core. It just wasnt worth it to me for the minute benefit.... With the stock one in place and my large one inline, it is a perfect blend.

Same goes with the intercooler pumps.
When using a larger pump, i just didnt see any notable change on the dyno or on the street to warrent the loud noise it made.
I tried the 180 dollar mazierre one we use on our 03 cobra, and a tilton one... Both say they where 22gpm or more.

Actually the best solution i have used that actually made a difference was when i put one of these in the trunk and ran a larger 180 dollar mezier pump in line with the stock one. With the mezier being inside the trunk.


The only reason why it helped beyond what i already had was because i could run ice in the box and it helped for about 1 drag race. before needing to be refilled with ice again and drained. Not much of a gain but it was a gain...

If those of you want a larger core, i make them here in house, so we could make them to exact specs that you request, but you will have to use fans to make it use the core at low speeds.


in this picture shows what i mean.

07-09-10, 11:23 PM

I was wondering when you might post your findings on V Intercooler research.
I noticed that the photo was from 2001.

I assume your findings apply to the 09+ LSA or you wouldn't have posted in conjunction with the release of the D3 Super Intercooler.