: Got a Camra question

09-02-04, 11:37 PM
Is there a place on the forum to ask questions not pertaining to the cars??


Whats a good Camcorder. I dont have one, Wifey and I are going on another Vacation and I want to film stuff like a mad man. I dont want one thats gonna cost an are a leg and a few toe nails , Just one that I can see a good picture playback through a VCR and some sound.


09-03-04, 12:49 AM
The lounge is for things like that. I'm moving your post there for you now :)

09-03-04, 01:08 AM
Canon all-around I like, Sonys are nice for their nightmodes.

It depends on what kind of media you want to use, Hi-8? DV? DVD?
I'd go with DV, gives you some computer editing options without giving yourself a huge bill. Just find the camcorders in that line and weigh the options, how much zoom, editing features, size.

09-03-04, 09:45 AM
Can't go wrong with a Sony or Cannon- prices are resoanble. I would go DV nowadays - is size important (smaller is usually more $$) ? Also look for line outs - makes sure it has RCA to record to VHS (you mentioned VCR right?) and firewire or USB to record to your computer. (if your computer does not have a firewire port - you can buy an add on card - for usb make sure it is USB 2 - USB 1 would be painfully slow to transfer video) Don't look at Digitial Zoom - useless - makes sure it reads Opticial Zoom 10 - 20x is good. LCD screen that "swivles" is probably standard , but check it in sunlight - allot of them wash out and are hard to see. I have a Digitial 8 (archaic by today's standards) - but I can go diitial (computer) and analog (VHS) no problem.

You will want it "Dgitial" at some point. Home editiing software is resonably priced (about $100.00). I use Pinnacle Studio 8 (version 9 is out) - very simple to use , but somehwat "unstable" (crashes allot) - but to put some home vidoe's on DVD with menus , titles and pictures is pretty cool. If you transfer to the computer - you need not worry about what editing features the camera has. You can also Video edit for VHS (titles / piuctures / text - would just have to record back to cam corder - then transfer to VHS).Takes forwever to cut to DVD - but I just do it overnight. Video files suck up gobs of disk space - raw file from a play my daughter was in (about 1h 20 mins) took around 20gb If I remember - no worries another tip is always keep the original source (tape / disk ) so you can recreate if necessary and remove it from your computer.

You got it right - Like most electronic purchases start with price you are willing to pay then what options are required - then go start looking. Good luck.

09-03-04, 10:42 PM
Thats alot of weight Daacon. I think Im sticking to basic stuff. Im a virgin at it. I think Im gonna look at sony or Cannon and look for RCA hookups. Smaller cost more right, so Ill be expecting a little size but I think Ill be able to use 1 hand. Thanks :D