: Drivability Problems 94 Eldorado

07-09-10, 11:49 AM
Posting this here as I've done pretty much everything I could think of and am still having this problem.

Originally got shift solenoid code about a year and some months ago.

Reset it, it didn't come back. Needless to say I picked up the solenoid update kit and didn't bother installing it until a week or so ago.

The problem is when there is any force on the left side of the car (against the wheel, IE driving up a hill) the car will stutter, almost like it has a broken half shaft on the driver side. It almost literally feels like the left side of the car is lifting off the ground with each tire rotation? Not sure exactly how to explain it.

Something to point out - the main time this crap happens is during sharp right turns from a stop, with my foot on the pedal. If I'm rolling through the turn I get no issues. Left turns I can accelerate through for the most part with no problem from a stop.

OCCASIONALLY the car will do the crap going straight, usually though only when there is resistance against the car. (IE, going uphill.)

The transmission fluid didn't look too bad at all when I changed the shift solenoids out, and checking it again a week later it still smells good - no burn.

Since changing solenoid shifts have improved immensely, but the "clunk/stutter" problem still exists.

I guess I'm trying to find out what exactly took a crap on me.

As of 3 weeks ago car has new wheel bearings up front, half shaft on passenger side, and new struts & new inner & outer tie rod ends on both sides.

Is it possible for 4T80E output shafts to break somehow? Is this replaceable without dropping the tranny? (If that is the problem?)

No codes, for what it's worth..

Really praying ANOTHER 4T80E didn't take a crap on me. Starting to lose hope in them if that is the case...

Thanks guys!

07-09-10, 01:00 PM
Motor mount maybe?

07-09-10, 01:26 PM
Would that make the whole car shudder/not move?
Also just tried giving the car a WOT on the highway from 60 MPH; car acted crazy as hell, giving me the stutter crap.
Could this possibly be the differential inside the transmission? I'm just stumped here...
The more prevalent on right turns part is what has me confused..

07-09-10, 11:09 PM
nah, that MIGHT explain "
It almost literally feels like the left side of the car is lifting off the ground with each tire rotation? Not sure exactly how to explain it", but even that is a stretch.

07-13-10, 02:49 PM
After looking at a couple of diagrams I think I am on to something.
Is it possible the differential has failed? This seems to be the only part in the transmission that could "break" causing me to have problems during turns... Maybe not.
And is it possible to remove the right (passenger side) "cap" (looks like its held on with 3 bolts?) without removing the transmission to replace the diff/examine what's going on?
Is it even worth replacing a bad differential? Should I just get another used transmission? (I'm seeing a nice one with 82k miles for $300.....)
Would hate to blow the money I don't have.... Thanks.

07-15-10, 04:14 PM
Hearing a slight whoosh/hum/whir sound randomly now, usually after the car has sat still for 5 or so minutes..
Can't really describe it, goes away and doesn't come back once I start moving.
No advice from anyone yet?

07-15-10, 10:58 PM

08-04-10, 09:40 AM
FINALLY got it to throw some codes by continuing to drive up a hill when it was doing the lame "stuttering" crap.

I'm now seeing:

P016 (E016) ......................................... Voltage Out of Range [ALL SOL]
P023 (E023) ..................... Electronic Spark Timing (EST) Signal problem [EGR]
P029 (E029) .............. Transaxle Shift 'B' solenoid problem (1st, 3rd, 4th gear)
P117 (E117) .................... Open/Short Solenoids/Solenoid Wiring (Transmission)

Did the solenoids about a month ago. Was having the same issues before changing solenoids.
Does this sound like a valve body issue?

08-04-10, 12:17 PM
Did you install the solenoid support bracket?

08-04-10, 02:47 PM
Yep. Bracket is installed where it should go. (Can't see how this wasn't included in the 4T80es original design....)