: Service Air Bag...where to start without taking to dealer?

07-08-10, 05:29 PM
So today I get a service air bag message on the DIC. I've got 75k miles on it and its out of warranty so where do I start to look for fixes?

Its and 07 Base model, the steering controls still work.

07-08-10, 08:12 PM
Had that happen on my 08 the other day, when i looked at the inside part of the driver seat i seen the airbag plug had been discounected, i think it happened when i moved my seat all the way forward when i vacummed the car. check both seat and make sure the plug is plugged into the connector

07-08-10, 08:42 PM
what does it look like?

07-09-10, 10:35 AM
Its a small square plug with a red top, looks like it has 4 pins inside the plug between your seat and center console