: Oil dilemma for 2.8t 's

07-08-10, 12:54 PM
So I'm looking to put in better oil into the families 2.8T premium srx...Now heres the kicker. In the manual gm recommends a 5w-30 oil...yet the 2.8T motor which is the same motor as in the saab x has a recomendation of a 0w-30 oil. I have noticed oil is a little slow to warmup. My question is do you V6 guys also have a recomendation of 5w-30 ? Sounds to me like they might have made an error or gotten lazy and just marked a generic weight instead of sticking with what the motor is supposed to use....0w-30

07-08-10, 01:05 PM
The 3 Litre V6 uses Mobil 1, 5W30

07-08-10, 01:26 PM
The 3 Litre V6 uses Mobil 1, 5W30

Thats what i suspected. Its more universal so its cheaper for them to stock it in the bays. My 6.2L lsa V uses that oil also. But a turbo motor cannot be compared to a V6.

07-08-10, 01:42 PM
If the manual says 5w-30, then that is what I would use, no matter what a SAAB with the same engine takes. Also, with the advances in today's oil's you aren't going to find a better oil then Mobil1. I knw some people are thinking royal Purple, Amsoil, and maybe some others, but the minute diffrences in my opion aren't worth worrying about. GErt a good oil like Mobil 1, change it and the filter often, and turbo or non turbo you won't have any engine oil related problems. After all a turbo is just like any other engine, got to keep those mains and rods lubricated. Look at how many high revving Nascar and Indy engines ue Mobil 1 and I think it speaks for itself.

07-08-10, 02:09 PM
^ well its not an issue now but in the chicago winters when its -20 with windchill and you just barely warm up and drive off you will put cylinder wear into the motors. Mobil 1 hasn't even been a true synthetic for years. I'm either going with castrol european formula with 0w-30 or Pennzoil Ultra 5w-30 which just came out and is already the next gen certified gf-5 certified fuel that IS GM Certified unlike Mobil 1 that is only gen 3 certified.