: Jacksonville Florida First Coast Car Council Cruise in Anyone going? 7-10 6pm

07-08-10, 06:40 AM
Is anyone else going to this? I am gonna try to bring the hearse there.

The First Coast Car Council Cruise in
6 pm to 9 pm
Food Lion Shopping Center
445 State Rd 13
Fruit Cove, FL 32259

Corner of
S.R. 13 (San Jose) & Race Track Road

hosted by Jacksonville Rod Runners

Please park in designated spaces ONLY
Do not park in the Food Lion Customer Area

07-08-10, 10:19 AM
Hmm.... Methinks I need to get looking at these events during the school year.


07-09-10, 02:58 AM
I heard they are mostly active during the summer.

07-10-10, 02:09 PM
Anyone going besides me?

07-10-10, 02:35 PM
I really hope they do stuff during my school year. I'd love to go to some car shows while I'm there.

07-11-10, 02:16 AM
Well I had fun hehe someone brought a car I think was called a McCarther? and it had a 6cyl engine that was 9.5L !!!!!!! 3 spark plugs per cyl. It had stock 23in rims and for a 1920s car it was guaranteed to go over 70 mph from the factory. Only 19 of them are known to exist in the world. It was all original as well. Was one of the neatest cars I have ever seen. It made my 7.7L seem small :P I was the only hearse there as well as the only caddy... I did see a few caddy 500 engines in a few of the hot rods.

07-11-10, 03:48 AM
WOW! Did you get pics of it?

07-11-10, 01:49 PM
I didn't bring a camera

08-11-10, 07:51 PM
There is another one coming up this weekend... anyone going? Same bat time same bat channel.

08-11-10, 08:50 PM
This weekend, not me. Next weekend however, is a possibility if there's another. I'd just have to hustle my ass and unpack the wagon ASAP.

08-11-10, 09:45 PM
it is the second weekend of every month :P

08-17-10, 08:24 PM
This next one is September 11th. Anyone wanna go?