: Dry Film Lubricants.

07-07-10, 12:42 AM
I just recently purchased a quart ($100/quart, makes gasoline look cheap) of dry film lubricant. This is the type that requires baking to cure at around 400 degrees F.

The main intent is to use this as piston skirt coating, but thinking about it, Northstars see wear in other areas as well. I know dry film lube will only handle so much pressure and friction before it breaks down.

I would like to put this to the test. Exhaust cams and lifters. Wouldn't it be nice, for the 93-99 Gen I Northstars, if during start-up and high RPM operation, if there was a film of dry lube protecting those expensive lifters and cams, in the event that sufficient engine oil was not present?

I personally don't think this coating will stand up to the cams and lifters- but I may give this a shot and find out. I see way too many cams and lifters going bad.

There are other parts of the engine this stuff would be good for, but I want to do some testing first.

Any past experiences? Let me know...