View Full Version : DRL Burned Out & Left Film Inside Headlight! Grrrrrr!

07-06-10, 10:08 PM
I am NOT happy, less than a week ago I purchased the Putco 35w H16/9009 spark white bulbs to replace my DRLs from Summit Racing... not even a week later, just noticed today the bulbs melted their bracket/housing and now worst of all have left a "melted plastic film" on the inside of my headlight housing GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! What went wrong and what can I do about the discolored/hazy headlight housing. PS I did NOT touch the bulb before installing, I know this leads to premature burnout due to overheating. Thanks in advance!

07-07-10, 07:27 AM
I had many issues with Putco bulbs and because of that would never use them again, I swear their bulbs are not marked correctly for wattage, and have seen the damage they cause personally. :(