View Full Version : Do you use Firefox?

07-06-10, 12:59 AM
For those of us who use Firefox they have added what they call "personas". You can chose from something like 36,000 designs to customize the look of the browser window. If you can't find a look you like, you can also create your own. Here's the one I'm using:

If you're using Firefox and a persona, what are you using?

07-06-10, 01:23 AM
I use Firefox, only addon I have though is Adblock Plus, which is awesome... Pages load noticeably faster and are wayyyyyy less cluttered and crazy.

Once you browse around on an ad-less Internet, you'll never go back.

07-06-10, 01:53 AM
I can see your nude reflection in your LCD. This is the problem with glossy displays!

07-06-10, 01:55 AM
It was HP's choice, not mine. I'll be sure to email them about it.

07-06-10, 06:56 PM
Very nice :) So did you make that one yourself, or is it online somewhere?

07-07-10, 12:09 AM
It's one that was on there.

07-08-10, 10:55 AM
I like this one but I use a sailing theme in Firefox at work


07-08-10, 05:34 PM
Didn't see that one...

07-08-10, 08:30 PM
I've used Firefox for quite awhile, ever since I discovered it was so much more resistant to malware than IE was. There is lots of hype these days about Safari and Chrome, but I've never seen them proven to be more secure than Firefox.

07-08-10, 08:41 PM
I've had a couple of friends tell me about Chrome, but I'm not a big Google person. I rarely use it to search with and have never tried their email. I've always used Yahoo to search with, or more recently Bing. I like Firefox. It's easy to use, safe, and quick. The only reason I don't remove IE from my computer all together is that when I have to fill out my FAFSA info for school their site won't work with Firefox. That's the only site that I know of that isn't compatible though.

07-09-10, 11:07 AM
Chrome, at least for the Mac, has finally matured into a nice browser. And now with Flash 10.1 making Firefox and Safari misbehave, Opera and Chrome have become my primary browsers. Opera is a tiny bit faster but Chrome is much more stable.

07-11-10, 03:20 PM
Also a firefox user. I added the adblock plus after reading about it here (Thanxs creamdevil91). Its amazing! No more pesky toyota adds anywhere.

07-13-10, 10:40 AM
Xmarks is another great add-on if you use multiple PCs. You can easily sync all of your bookmarks.

07-13-10, 12:21 PM
Yep i've used it for years and love it.

I Googled for a Firefox persona or desktop and this is what I found! (I'm serious)

It looks identical to one of my new kitties and .... well someone else, so its my favorite. Now to get the second kitty into a picture.