: 91 Brougham Sensors

07-05-10, 10:19 PM
You guys on here have been very helpful, so I'm gonna ask another!

On a cold engine start, my car will start fine. It will run fine. However,
after the engine has been running for at least 30 min. or so, when you let
it sit and start it up again it will start up, and then sort of stutter. Then the
engine will race for 15 seconds or so, and then the car is fine.

We took it on the highway the other night, and as soon
as we got to the toll booth, and stopped the car started to stall.
We managed to drive it to a parking lot, and sat there for over an hour.
The engine still would not run correctly. We tried replacing the fuel filter, but that did not work. This leads me to believe one of the sensors on the car is probably bad. .....Does this sound familiar, and does anyone have an idea of which one it could be.

Thanks again

07-06-10, 12:58 AM
Most sensors will throw a code...check engine light? I'm guessing IAC or TPS.

07-06-10, 12:26 PM
The check engine light has not come on, so there are no codes to be checked.

07-06-10, 03:08 PM
Ignition. Cap/rotor/plugs/wires/module.

07-06-10, 06:34 PM
Does the check engine light come on during start up? If not, then it won't come on to show codes.

Otherwise it sounds like a heatsinking problem. As heat increases, the electrical resistance in the coils and injectors will increase, and can lead to a no-start/stall condition. If it has been a while since the last tune up, I would have that done and the ignition module, the spark coil, and the injectors changed as well (the coil, module, and injector are $20-$50 parts).

07-06-10, 10:00 PM
Check engine light comes on at startup, but no codes can be found.

The car starts fine when cold, continues to run beautiful for an hour or more straight, no problem, under various speed driving. If you shut engine off after its hot and restart within 5-10 minutes it starts and runs perfect. If you restart engine a half hour or hour later it runs rough for 15-30 seconds then smooths out and runs perfect. However on a straight high speed {65 mph} full 1/2 hour highway ride and then exit, it is running rough when decelerated coming off the high speed to a low speed. After letting it sit an hour still didn't run right. After starting and shutting off a couple times and then letting it run awhile the normal idle eventually came back and ran perfect for a 45 minute various speed drive home. A friend mentioned possibly cleaning out the throttle body. The engine itself and car are very well maintained and tuned up, etc,{ a one family owned car.}

07-07-10, 02:04 PM
I have your answer. The temp sensor. It's on the intake manifold on the front of the engine. $12 at Napa and takes 2 minutes to change. Just had to do it to mine.

07-12-10, 04:27 PM
I Just tried a new temp sensor, and the car is still doing the same thing...I think this is going to be a "bring it to a shop" problem.

08-04-10, 12:33 PM
Well I finally figured out what the problem was on my 91 ...The fuel pump. The car started stalling when I was driving it, and I had a neighbor examine it...it's defiantly the fuel pump, and not the temp sensor. Hopefully he's right, and it works