View Full Version : Got Rear Ended Today..

07-04-10, 12:01 AM
Sucks but my wife was on her way this morning to Dunkin Donuts. A Ford Explorer slammed into her. She was OK but The truck took a decent hit. Tailgate, lower bumper etc is pretty much done. The Explorer was hit hard with deployed air bags etc. Explorer had to be towed. Im happy that she is ok. We are away and that sucks even more. Just grin and bear it..will be getting it fixed soon.

07-04-10, 12:10 PM
Glad your wife was OK! just keep an eye on her wiplash and shock can take a while to set in

07-05-10, 08:47 AM
Ditto ^^^ and always keep the receiver in the hitch! Even if you'll never tow anything.

07-05-10, 11:19 AM