: I'm having a Jesda-style idea.

07-02-10, 06:08 PM
I think I like C4 Corvettes.


The idea popped into my head on the bus home from JROTC camp, watching a guy next to us play with the radio buttons in his C4 convertible. I mean, you can get one for less than the '06 GTO that is my top pick, and they're pretty darn cool. I think they have the same kind of appeal that an old Ferrari does: Classic nameplate, cool styling, pretty fast; not really the best of the best, but still scoring some major cool points. They're decently rare around here as well. I know they have a reputation for being terrible, especially on the inside, but they just seem really cool.

I'm considering a '94-'96 ('96 preferably), coupe+manual only.

Good idea? Bad idea?
Let us discuss.

07-02-10, 06:20 PM
How about you just pay the insurance bill, since it will cost more than the car for a 17 year old...

But I will say, that if I were going to get a Corvette, it would be a C4, low mileage automatic coupe...

07-02-10, 06:56 PM
Agreed - before you look at the car, get a quote from your insurance company. I expect that the cost to insure will deter you from buying one... 17yo male driver + 300hp RWD sports car = sky high rates.

07-02-10, 08:04 PM
A guy I knew in HS had one as a 19 year old male, think his was actually a late 70's Vette though, paid 9k for the car, paid 3k a year in insurance.

07-02-10, 09:39 PM
You should save money for college. :) I have the unique advantage of very generous education donors (parents).

07-02-10, 11:44 PM
I'm a pretty big fan of them myself.

07-03-10, 12:30 AM
Just the other day I saw one for sale and it confirmed my long time feeling of them. It was designed for the female. No man should ever drive that body style Corvette. They're just to feminine looking

07-03-10, 01:14 AM
They're good looking cars, very much a product of their times. The interior ergonomics are hideous, and they ride like a buckboard over a rutted dirt road. Refinement is minimal. They are, however, a hell of a lot of fun.

07-03-10, 01:16 AM
If you're a large fellow, you will not fit into them. The C4's have shit for interior space. I'd pass on them, aside from a ZR-1, but trying to repair one of those would be a journey to say the least, and not a cheap one.

07-03-10, 03:20 AM
Two words to describe the C4:

Rattle Trap. I looked at one to replace my old 1999 Z28 a few years ago when I was bored with that car. The Z28 had a couple of rattles, but nothing like that 1995 Corvette. Also the interior quality was abhorrent in that Vette, made my Z28 look nice by comparison. The seats had a lot more wear in the Vette, even though it had 1/3rd the miles. I did like the cockpit-esque styling of the dash and gauge layout though, kind of weird and different, but in a good way IMO.

Both the Z28 and Vette were automatics, I can tell you that the LS1 in the Z28 would've put the smack down on that car, not even close. For some reason I thought the LT1 would be pretty comparable, even though it was down about 50 horsepower vs my tweaked LS1, it was in a lighter car. It had nice torque, but just felt really weak on the top end where the LS1 sings.

I will give the C4 the nod in the handling department. It doesn't have the same sort of direct steering feel as a Miata, but it was a lot more nimble and tossable than the Z28. Would make a great road racing car, though.

So I came away with the verdict that the C4 was an inferior car compared to my Z28 with triple the miles. Not to mention they wanted about $7,000 more for that Vette than what my Z28 was worth at the time.

c5 rv
07-03-10, 06:51 AM
They are an OK summer fun car if you are old enough to have lower insurance rates and have another primary daily driver for use in bad weather. Also, trying to use the car as a daily driver would be a PITA due to having to climb over the wide, high door sills.

07-03-10, 07:25 AM
After comparing the C4 and C5 prices, I think I'd go w/an early C5 vs a late C4...

07-03-10, 07:28 AM
I agree.. buy a '97-98 C5 instead... or better yet, a '04+ GTO! :highfive: