: Tinted windows

07-02-10, 02:49 PM
I will post pics on the first sunny day we get.

20% all the way around and 50% on the entire windshield. Everything still works, navi, radio etc. Using 3M The car looks sinister.


07-02-10, 03:18 PM
Damn dude.... The Windshield??????

07-02-10, 06:17 PM
My STS had 20% on the windshield when I got it. Looked pimp but I couldn't see at night. HIDs looked like crappy halogens.

07-03-10, 06:23 PM
Always been nervous about windshield tint -- get caught with it in some states and they will put you under the jail..

07-03-10, 08:45 PM
$25 fine in GA

07-03-10, 10:42 PM
yesterday I got stuck in a traffic jam due to an overturned dump truck. the sherif stopped all lanes one car in front of me while they tried to upright the truck. We all got out of our cars to watch and the sheriff came over to talk with us since it was going to be awhile. he walked right up to the V freshly tinted and proceeded to have a chat with everyone around my car. he looked it over fairly well and never said anything about the tint darkness. I think you would have to piss the cop off for them to harass you about dark tint.

07-07-10, 01:16 AM
i have a 2000 cadillac sls its silver nd in good condition.. what tints should i put.. i live in michigan and you can put nything in the back as long as there is a difference between front nd backk side windows