: Antique / Classic Cadillac Enthusiasts Needed

Lord Cadillac
07-02-10, 01:43 PM
First, I know this is the "Lounge" and we don't normally allow "Cadillac" conversations here - but I feel this is important to the site/community in general and I need a lot of people to see it. Reason being, I don't think we have many classic Cadillac enthusiasts here - and I'm HOPING that at least ONE of you Lounge regulars either know someone who's already a member - or someone who might sign up to help us out.

I just received an email from a member looking to research a 1949 Series 62 4 door sedan before purchaseing. Unfortunately, we don't have any discussions regarding this particular model - or any antique/classic Cadillac models. I need someone who can help me put together a forum for these vehicles.

The forum is up and running here:

...but there's no good information there yet. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks in advance...

Sal C.

07-02-10, 01:45 PM
This fills in quite a gap in the forum. I know we've had several owners of classics sign up and share images of their cars.

07-02-10, 03:50 PM
My experience doesn't go back that far, except what little I've gleaned from talking to CLC member who own the older cars. I'll e-mail this thread to some of my CLC buddies and see if anyone takes the bait.

07-03-10, 03:30 AM
A few people in the RWD forum have 1965-1969 models, along with some of the early/mid 70's leviathans. Although most everybody there has the smaller 1977 and newer models. None of the regular posters that I know of(other than that troll who had a 64) has the 50's/early 60's finned models.

07-03-10, 10:47 AM
The cadillac lasalle club online forum is more likely to have people who own and discuss the older vintages. I've always felt the clc was more focused on the old cars because they have the much older owners.

07-03-10, 09:49 PM
^That. And being a CLC member, I can attest to the, um, mature nature of the CLC membership.

07-03-10, 11:09 PM
True, the CLC caters to older cars (and people), but having the Classic Forum here isn't a bad idea.

Of the members who pop in and introduce themselves with pics of their classic rides, how many actually stay around? It seems to be a pretty low percentage. A Classic Forum may be just the place to help them stay around a bit; the RWD Forum before covered every Cadillac from 1903 to 1967 - not a good place to ask a technical question or introduce yourself if your ride is from the 30s. It might be helpful to keep the section as one Forum for now, as it seems splitting it into three could have the '50s Forum have no visitors and the 60s could take off, or vice versa.

Though my technical knowledge and hands-on experience are limited, my enthusiasm for the Cadillac brand is not.

07-04-10, 09:57 AM
Though my technical knowledge and hands-on experience are limited, my enthusiasm for the Cadillac brand is not.

That's an excellent way to say it, and I'm in the same boat. I do think it'd be an excellent way to entice owners of OLD Cadillacs (we're talking pre '60s here) to join up with us.