View Full Version : Ht4100 question

07-02-10, 01:11 AM
Is the HT4100 engine in a Fleetwood Brougham RWD and Eldorado an exact match? Same year (1985) and same VIN code (8). Would I be able to swap out the engines. I posted a few months ago regarding engine swaps, I am going to stick with an HT4100. I know it is a bad decision but I need to get my 85 Fleetwood coupe on the road and this is going to be the fastest way.

07-02-10, 01:20 PM
I'm not positive, but I remember someone on here saying that the front wheel drive 4100 (as used in the Seville and Eldorado) was a little shorter, lengthwise, than the rear wheel drive version.