: Deletion of features - 2004 DTS

09-02-04, 01:39 AM
I have loved Caddys forever and now can finally afford to buy new ones. I expect new models to retain the good features and options from the past and continue to incorporate new ones. That is the Cadillac way. Or at least it used to be.

In 2002 I bought a new DTS, which has many wonderful features, but no longer has the electric trunk pull-down. My 76 Eldorado has this and it still works great. Why is this gone?

Last week I bought a new 2004 DTS. It no longer has the motorized seat belt height adjuster on the front seats. In fact, the height is not adjustable at all. My previous car, the 2002 DTS had this. Why was this deleted? In addition, another long-time Cadillac feature was removed--the automatic parking brake release. Now it has the standard "push to release" parking brake that is on every GM car. Why? My 76 Eldorado has the automatic release and it still works great. On the positive side, the new air conditioned seats are awesome.

I hope Cadillac execs read this and pay attention. Don't delete long-time or great new features to save money. Ask your customers what they like.

11-13-04, 11:00 PM
My 1991 has the pulldown also.

Be thankful you don't have a 2005 DTS, as the horsepower and torque are down also, supposedly to meet more strict emissions.