: RIP My Transmission

06-30-10, 09:42 PM
So, only 3 years after I had the Turbo 350 in, it will no longer shift into 2nd automatically. Checked the TV cable and vacuum kickdown lines look fine. Still runs, but you have to rev it up and let it drop back into third. Bollocks.

06-30-10, 11:04 PM
vacuum modulator is malfunctioning or the modulator valve itself is sticking or it could just have a vacuum leak. My Impala th350 has been doing it for a couple years but I'm not panicked about it and it's on the list of things to do.

07-01-10, 09:04 PM
Yah, not going to do anything major until I get it looked at, to make sure it isn't something simple, like the modulator. Have to wait to get my wife's '89 FWB back (again) from getting a crank.

07-02-10, 12:11 AM
If the first mechanic you take it to says that the tranny needs replacement or rebuilding, or something extremely expensive I would highly recommend you take it to a 2nd or even a 3rd mechanic to have them look at it.

I had an unrelated issue with my tranny and talked with two shops and both said it probably needed major work...turns out it was a stupid $50 solenoid that need replacing that I figured out through research online..

Just my .01 cent.

Hope yours ends well, keep us updated.