: what's best for exterior vinyl/rubber and won't run

06-30-10, 05:28 PM
What is a good product to protect the vinyl and rubber trim on my car's exterior? I have a White Diamond STS so a product that will NOT run is a must. Not so much interested in getting the black color back as I am in protecting it from further fading/uv damage, though blackening it up would be nice too.

07-19-10, 04:54 PM

Interesting that you should ask, and I see nobody has chimed in. I had been using Back to Black on my exterior trim and tires. The results have been ok. But let's face it anything looks better than just leaving it alone. I was in Pep Boys last week just browsing when I came across a UK product called Auto Glym. I picked up the Vinyl & Rubber Care. I have always gotten a lot of compliments on my White Diamond STS but this stuff goes down without streaking and leaves a uniform coverage. It does not take a lot so this bottle will last a while. Not sure of the durability as of yet. It does have the capability to look as a matte or gloss finish. I'm a matte look person myself. The tires look brand new and all the outside trim is a black black if you know what I mean. I received 3 compliments today alone. That's worth the price of the product. Give it a try. It's only $8.00.

07-24-10, 10:01 AM

I was also surprised at the lack of responses to this question. Thanks for the info. I'll have to check that stuff out.

SD Detail
07-24-10, 11:17 AM
Any product that is water based will be very easy to use and will not streak, if you get it on glass or paint than it usually wipes away without issue.

My favorite product for this is Adams Super VRT dressing.

The only problem is with a waterbased dressing is that they will wash away faster than a oil based product.

For a oil based product that is a little tougher to apply but lasts a very long time, use Black Wow.

Both of the above I use regularly on customers cars and are outstanding.

08-01-10, 10:14 AM
meguires vinyl/rubber dressing (matte finish, please!) is also good - no runs, hits or errors.