: Day & Night

06-30-10, 08:32 AM
I took my ESV Platinum in for service, and got a loaner CTS (Thanks James@Lindsay).

The difference between how the V drives compared to the CTS 3.6 is clearly night and day, but then again I'm comparing apples to grapes.

06-30-10, 12:57 PM
Actually thatcoder is correct. I had two CTS-Vs before the 2009 CTS-V that I now have. Between the first two CTS-Vs I had a regular CTS as a loner. I always describe that experience as the one where I had to step down from a car that went fast, stopped quickly, and handled well. The regular CTS did none of those things. I was spoiled by the CTS-V. If I ever have to get another loaner, I will be sure that I don't get a car for which I have any expectations.

07-01-10, 12:01 AM
I was given a 2011 loaner with 17 miles on it when I had my V in for service (Lindsay). I was looking for a difference in the ride quality between that and my wife's 09 CTS and I found none. It was a definite step down from the V and made me appreciate my vehicle more.

07-01-10, 02:28 PM
But having said that the standard CTS is a really nice driving car although not a real performance motor. I always ask Avis for one when I rent but most of the time they give me a junkheap Lincoln or Grand Marquis.