: Home Link Garage door opener

06-29-10, 01:29 PM
I have just moved into my first house with a garage and an automatic opener. I have tried everything I have read and been told to program my homelink to open this door. So far no luck. The light on the homelink does what the directions say, but it will never learn the code.

I was able to program my 03 Yukon XL using the same instructions and it works.

Does this mean that my homelink isn't compatible with my opener or that there is something wrong with the homelink.

06-29-10, 01:50 PM
google homelink and you should be able to get some help. does your garage door opener have a rolling code? Did you press the button on the garage door opener motor?

06-29-10, 01:51 PM
I remember I posted instructions on this that were really good. I found them online somewhere... try and find the other semi-recent thread on the homelink thing.

06-29-10, 02:18 PM
its all in the led color, the older units had a red light the newer units use a amber light (rolling code)
if your yukon has the amber light , and works, then the fltwd would need the same
they are on e bay a lot
you can sell the red light unit for about the same $ as it would cost you for the amber one

I had to do this on my 95....

06-30-10, 11:58 AM
I did follow the instructions. The Yukon does have amber lights and the Cadillac has a red light. So what you are saying is it won't work with a rolling code opener?

Also, are you saying that the later model one will just plug in and work??