: How do online Auctions work?

06-28-10, 07:12 PM
Hey Folks i am in the process of purchasing a new vehicle, and was looking into something in my budget (2-4k) so as of today i have not found anything only junk.. well i was told by a friend of mines that he bought a vehicle in an online auction :worship: (easyexport.us/?a_aid=4bfc2493cf522) :thumbsup: so im wondering if anyone has some insights on online auctions.

06-28-10, 07:27 PM
$4k can get you a really nice used car almost anywhere in the country. Where are you located? Try Craigslist, it's where I found both of the vehicles in our household. :)

06-28-10, 08:01 PM
The website you indicated is mainly an auction site for salvage cars, which were involved in accidents, or flood, etc....
Purchasing such a car, even if the price is very low is a real gambling! Especially if you desire to buy a Cadi, a car that repair costs are really high! Insurance companies total a car and send it to such auctions, since the repair costs are much higher than the current value of the car. Did you get the idea?

With 4K in hand, you can find a nice american car. I suggest focus on craigslist and look for the cars that have clean title, the cars that currently runs great without any problem. The good thing about local shopping instead of online is you can go and see the car and have a test drive and have it inspected. Online shopping is great, but not very much for cars.