: Here's The KBB Price & Options For V Coupe

06-28-10, 04:09 PM
6DN47 RWD Coupe 2D 58,124.28 62,165.00
Destination Charge 825.00 825.00
(Mfr's Effective Date 06-14-2010) 58,949.28 62,990.00
Gas Guzzler Tax
R8E V w/Auto Trans-MX0 2,600.00 2,600.00
R8E V w/Manual Trans-MN6 1,300.00 1,300.00

(N/A Base or 3.6)
R6M New Jersey Surcharge N/A N/A
(Req'd on All Vehicles Ordered in NJ) (May be Refunded on NJ Orders Delivered or Registered Outside NJ) (See Dealer for Details)
YF5 Emission Equipment, California N/C N/C
(Req'd in CA)
NE1 Emission Equipment, CT/MA/MD/ME/NJ/NM/NY/OR/PA/RI/VT/WA N/C N/C
(Req'd in CT, MA, MD, ME, NJ, NM, NY, OR, PA, RI, VT & WA)
FE9 Emission Equipment, Federal (Must Code) N/C N/C
NB8 Emission Equipment Override, CA/CT/MA/MD/NJ/NM/NY/OR/PA/RI/WA N/C N/C
(Req's Emission Equipment-FE9)
NC7 Emission Equipment Override, Federal N/C N/C
(Req's Emission Equipment-YF5 or NE1)
NB9 Emission Equipment Override, State-Specific N/C N/C
(Allows Dealers w/Emission Equipment-YF5 to Order Emission Equipment-NE1 or Dealers w/Emission Equipment-NE1 to Order Emission Equipment-YF5)
(Selection Required on All Orders)
LSA V8, Supercharged, 6.2 Liter N/C N/C
(N/A Base or 3.6)
(Selection Required on All Orders)
MX0 Automatic, 6-Spd N/C N/C
(N/A AWD Models) V Includes Remote Control Engine Start & Steering Wheel Gear Shift Paddles.
MN6 Manual, 6-Spd N/C N/C

(N/A AWD Models or Wagons) (N/A w/All Season Tire Pkg-FE5) (N/A w/Seats-W2E or Appearance Pkg-WBP on 3.6 Sedans) (Req's Option Pkg-1SB or 1SD on Base Sedans) (Req's Performance Pkg-Y43 on 3.6 RWD Coupes & Sedans)

(Selection Required on All Orders)
1SV Option Pkg, (Must Code) V N/C N/C
(N/A Base or 3.6) (See Std Equipment Listing)

VK3 Bracket, Front License Plate 13.20 15.00

K05 Heater, Engine Block 88.00 100.00

3AS Interior Trim, Midnight Sapele Wood V 528.00 600.00
(N/A Base or 3.6)

CBF Moon Roof, Power Glass Coupes 616.00 700.00
(N/A Sedans or Wagons) (Std w/Option Pkg-1SH on Coupes) Includes Manual Sun Shade.

UAV Radio, AM/FM Stereo w/CD/DVD, MP3 & HDD-Based Navigation System V Std. Std.
(N/A w/Performance Luxury Pkg-PDW on Coupes) (Std V) (Std w/Option Pkg-1SH) (Req's Option Pkg-1SD or 1SF on Base) (Req's Option Pkg-1SF on 3.6) Includes 40 GB Hard Drive, USB Connectivity, Bose 5.1 Cabin Surround Sound System & XM NavTraffic & NavWeather.

S08 Safety Kit, Highway (Installed by Dealer) 66.00 75.00
(Limited Availability) Includes Need Help Banner, Bungee Cords, Cotton Cloth, First Aid Kit, Flashlight, Fuse Kit, Cotton Gloves, Jumper Cables, PVC Tape, Pliers, Rain Poncho & Screwdriver.

--- Seat Trim, Suede & Leather (Must Code) V N/C N/C
(N/A 3.6 Coupes or Wagons)
AQ9 Seats, Front Bucket (Must Code) V N/C N/C

W2E Seats, Recaro Front Bucket V Coupes 2,992.00 3,400.00
(N/A 3.6 Coupes or Wagons) (N/A w/Appearance Pkg-WBP or All Season Tire Pkg-FE5) (N/A w/Manual Trans-MN6 on 3.6 Sedans) (Req's Suede & Leather Seat Trim) (Req's Option Pkg-1SF on Base Sedans) (Req's Ebony-AFO or Ebony/Titanium-AAY Interior Color & Performance Luxury Pkg-PDW on Base & 3.6 Sedans) (Req's Ebony-AFF, Titanium-AFH or Ebony/Saffron-AFK Interior Color on V Coupes) (Req's Ebony-AFF or Titanium-AFH Interior Color on V Sedans) (Deletes Std Split Folding Rear Seat on V Coupes) Includes Heated & Ventilated Front Seats.

53F Steering Wheel, Suede V 264.00 300.00
(N/A Wagons) (Available & Included Only w/Appearance Pkg-WBP on Base & 3.6 Sedans) (Req's Seats-W2E on V) Includes Suede Shift Knob.
P80 Wheels, High Polished Aluminum V 704.00 800.00
(N/A Base or 3.6)

Q42 P255/40YR19 Front & P285/35YR19 Rear V Std. Std.
(N/A Base or 3.6)

(Selection Required on All Orders)
GBA Black, Raven N/C N/C
(Req's an Interior Color)
GLH Gray, Thunder ChromaFlair 875.60 995.00
(N/A w/Interior Color-AFG)
GGU Green, Evolution Metallic N/C N/C
(Req's an Interior Color)
GBE Red, Crystal Tint 875.60 995.00
(Req's an Interior Color)
GAN Silver, Radiant Metallic N/C N/C
(Req's an Interior Color)
GBN White, Diamond Tricoat 875.60 995.00
(Req's an Interior Color)

(Selection Required on All Orders)
AFF Ebony V N/C N/C
(Req's an Exterior Color) (Req's Appearance Pkg-WBP When in Combo w/Seats-AQ9 & Suede & Leather Seat Trim on Base & 3.6 Sedans)
AFK Ebony/Saffron V Coupes N/C N/C
(N/A Sedans, Wagons or 3.6 Coupes) (Req's an Exterior Color)
AFH Titanium, Light V N/C N/C
(N/A Base or 3.6) (Req's an Exterior Color) [/SIZE][/SIZE]