: Dawg Stylin'

jersey dude
09-01-04, 03:38 PM
Once a year I get to dog-sit for my Mum and get to spend some quality time with an eight year old yellow lab named Buster. He is a very good natured soul and excellent traveling companion other than the fact that he never seems to have his share of toll money.

First picture is Buster ready to start his adventure. Usually he is a back seat passenger but as he spent most of his time trying to get up front I realized the futility of my ways. This takes lots of preparation; first a sheet, then a dog bed, sheet over that then one over the back of the seat. To little avail though, as I always face about an hour and a half of post ride clean-up. His hair gets everywhere and just when I think I'm done I look up at the headliner... A good excuse for some serious interior detailing and he is worth the trouble.

Second picture: If you were headed south on 95 last Sunday you may have seen this poseur gliding past. Buster is not a 'let's take a leisurely ride' kind of guy. He believes that by positioning his snout as far forward as possible that the car will move even faster. This was his seating position for most of the ride except for a fill-up at the Flying J truckstop where he looked really unnerved that I didn't run in and by him a Slim Jim. Or two. My joy came in paying $1.95 for premium.

Third picture: Finally five-minutes from his destination the window comes down and out goes the head. I am thinking 'new smells, new sights' but knowing Buster he is most likely thinking 'here I am ladies!' and hoping everyone sees his new collar from Martha's Vineyard (Bling. But in an old money bling-ish sort of way). I want to take the short cut home but he wants to cruise the main drag for a bit.

Fourth picture: Pretty much Heaven. Breakfast, lunch AND dinner all in one convenient location. How lucky can a dog get? He may never want to go home.

So come on-who's your favorite canine traveling companion and do they EVER have money for gas on them?

09-01-04, 03:47 PM
I used to take my dog Juneau, a Siberian Husky for rides in my old Cadillacs. I don't take him with me anymore since my all black STS would be covered in hair since he sheds so much! That and he lives with my parents in NY and I live in CT.
He used to love riding in my '76 SDV and my '78 Fleetwood. He would sit as quiet as can be looking out the front window like a person. When I would pull up next to someone, he would do this casual glance over at them, it was funny!
If I rolled the window down, he loved it, his head would immediately go outside, and he'd be sniffing everything!
He never sat in the back seat either, he was always right up in the front! And if someone was sitting in the front passenger seat, he would be right on thier lap whether they liked it or not.
I also used to take him to McDonalds and get him one of thier cheap hamburgers for .49 cents. All the people behind the drivethough window loved seeing him with his blue eyes and almost all white fur.
He did do one Cadillac disgracement. He took a dump in the back of a rental 2003 Deville with only 10k miles on it!!! Good thing leather cleans up easily! That is reason 10045 not to buy a used rental car! :helpless:
Yep, dogs and Cadillacs are a good combination! :drinker