: Note: Authorized Vendor Classifieds

Lord Cadillac
06-25-10, 04:31 PM
What is this new area for?

This section is for intended as an additional avenue for Authorized Vendors to promote their products and/or services. This may be Cadillac automobiles for sale or products for a Cadillac automobile.

Eventually, I'd like to create subforums for each of the following categories:

- Wheels and Tires
- Turbo engine, drivetrain and exhaust parts
- Non-turbo engine, drivetrain and exhaust parts
- Suspension, brakes and handling upgrades
- Lighting, electronics, audio and security
- Wash, wax, detailing and cleaning supplies

Authorized Vendors are the only members allowed to start topics in here. The original "Classified (http://www.cadillacforums.com/cadillac-classifieds/)" section still remains available for all other members.

Lord Cadillac
06-25-10, 05:42 PM
Update: Topics/Classifieds/Promotions started here will automatically be pushed through the social networks like Twitter and Facebook for added exposure...