: Need a Hood Repaint

06-24-10, 06:15 PM
Just got my car back from the collision center- got a new front bumper courtesy of a kid's insurance company- and the dealership did an absolutely wonderful job with it.

I noticed that the clear coat is peeling off of my hood again (had the same problem a few months ago and I tried to fix it myself DOH). I had an estimate done by the Cadillac dealership and they wanted over $700 for it. Now call me completely uninformed, but this seems a bit high. Am I right in thinking this? They're going to sand it down to the metal and start over.

So from there, I am looking for suggestions about where I can have this done and done right. I'd use Maaco, but I've heard that they aren't that reliable. Recommendations? How much would/should a hood repaint cost for my Eldorado?


06-27-10, 09:19 PM
Id say that sounds about right for a dealership price. Thats actually not a bad price for a professional Cadillac quality paint job. I would have put the hood damage in the insurance claim as well and had it fixed when they replaced your bumper. Just remember when it comes to paint jobs, you get what you pay for!

06-27-10, 09:59 PM
To be honest, but honesty won out. Plus, there was no way that I could have convinced anyone that the hood got damaged in the 'wreck'. The damage was very localized to the front passenger corner of the bumper cover.

I'm going to be looking around for some estimates the next couple days. We shall see...

Thanks for your response!

07-04-10, 02:14 PM
Goto some regular body shops it shouldn't be too hard to beat that $700 price.