: Anybody want to '90 their Brougham?

06-23-10, 08:46 PM

There you go, full kit, $500.

06-24-10, 01:07 AM
EWWW! ARGH! My EYES! Those giant headlights...and those UGLY Tail Lights.

Looks like he has a Fender there too.

This may be useful for anyone who needs other parts, as the same man may have them lying around or know where he can grab some.

Maybe he has a Leather interior for me.

06-24-10, 02:33 AM
He might have been one of the few people to '80' a 90.. Unlikely though.

06-24-10, 11:36 AM
He might have been one of the few people to '80' a 90.. Unlikely though.

I would just imagine that would be more popular, but that's based solely on my opinion that the older style looked better, so people would be doing that modification.

Classic Funeral Home trick was to 90 their Hearses and Limousines to make them appear new again.

06-24-10, 11:49 PM
I really prefer the 1990 front bumper, does away with those weird front fillers between the wheel well and front bumper on the 80-89. Also gets rid of those ugly black rub strips on the front and rear bumpers.

Personally I prefer the headlights as well, makes it look like a 1980's european spec Mercedes(all the US spec Benzes had weird looking sealed beam square headlights to conform to US regulations at the time, the European Benzes had glass composite headlamps similar to the 1990 Brougham with changable bulbs).

06-25-10, 12:58 AM
I think some people just like the 90 headlights better cuz they look more smooth and i'm assuming you have more options when it comes to bulbs and anything else you wanna do headlight wise