View Full Version : Spare tire for vs

06-22-10, 10:03 PM
I traded a g8 gxp in on my V.I kept the stock wheels that I powder coated black.They are 5x120 8" wheels with tires and tmps.Will these work as a full size spare for a V? And if so anyone interested in buying a spare, 3 would be available.

06-23-10, 12:31 AM
I got a CTS-V with my G8 GT. NONE of those wheels would fit, even the 19s. The spokes were too close. I did find an older 18" that would fit though. You'll just have to give it a try and see if you're lucky!

06-23-10, 07:23 AM
The gxp has brembo brakes The wheels are totally different than gt wheels. They are very close to cts v wheels but only 8" wide.I will do a test fit this weekend.

06-23-10, 03:37 PM
Looking forward to your findings! A 225/45-19 would fit an 8" rim, be the same diameter as our stock fitment, and be about an inch and a half narrower than our front tires. Someone else had mentioned that our fronts would fit in the spare tire well (true??), but they would "stick out." Might these fit in there?

06-23-10, 06:55 PM
well they do not fit in the trunk tire well,and I do not think a cts v front will fit in there either.

06-23-10, 06:59 PM
Our fronts definitely do not fit in the spare tire well. Cadillac Tony tried this last year and provided pictures.