View Full Version : First track day coming up this weekend any advice?

06-22-10, 08:19 PM
Pretty stoked to finally be able to track the V! Any advice from you experienced racers out there!?

06-22-10, 08:30 PM
Have all fresh fluids (especially brake/clutch fluid), change the oil and filter, bring a torque wrench/lug wrench. Bring extra fluids (oil, coolant, brake fluid, etc.). Bring your helmet and I strongly suggest a CG Lock to keep your seatbelt tight around you if you don't have one. If your hands tend to get sweaty, bring some tight fitting gloves. I use cheap moto-cross gloves.

Get underneath the car and look at everything very closely the day before the track day. Spot check some of the suspension nuts to see if any of them have loosened. I usually end up spending 3-4 hours minimum maintaining and checking over my car before each track event.

Just remember to be smooth and don't try to go crazy with the car until you feel comfortable. You are going to have to go easy on the throttle, as our cars' power can easily send the rear end out. The car is very capable, so have fun and ease into speed.

Before every track day it is a good idea to memorize the track and note to yourself spots that might give you trouble, that way you won't get caught in a bad situation on the track. If you aren't scared and are a good driver, track driving should feel almost like second nature to you after just a few laps, but realize that even after that point, you will still have a TON to learn about the car and the track.

Good Luck and represent the V community well!!!

06-22-10, 08:32 PM
What track and with what group?

06-22-10, 09:39 PM
Thanks alot tweeter know where I can locate a helmet? I still need to get one!

Im going to HPR with CECA ground (Colorado Exotic Car Association) Exotic loosely defined! haha and the day after I'm auto-xing

06-22-10, 10:12 PM
Had mine a few months ago, it was a blast:


The FAQ has a great check list for track days, I followed it and was even blessed with a new rear end 1 week before...so it got broken in nicely :)

All I can say is keep both hands on the wheel at all times unless you are shifting...that was my main problem I really had to think about. Other than that I had an absolute blast and will be doing it again in August at the same track.

06-22-10, 10:20 PM
I'm not sure where you would buy a SNELL SA-rated 2005 helmet. I got mine from a racing website (I think G-Force). You might have to order yours and pay for 2nd-day air shipping. You really need your own helmet though, you can't count on anybody having one for you to borrow or rent.

06-22-10, 10:23 PM
^ What he said...I ended up getting an open face G-Force SA2005 from Summit...be sure you measure your head correctly.

06-22-10, 11:50 PM
I got a loaner for now but thanks guys