: 66, 67 deville swapping parts

06-22-10, 01:24 PM
i have a bunch of swapping part questions. i have a 67 sedan deville, when the front seat armrest (in between the driver and passenger) goes down, theres still a piece of the seat that blocks access to the back seat. i have noticed in the 66 coupes and i think the 67 coupes, when the armrest goes down there is a gap, making it look a little more like bucket seats. i want that. will it swap out?

in addition to the front seat, i love how the 66 and (again) i think, the 67 coupes have the speaker in the back between the seats, covered by that chrome grill. will that seat swap out into my sedan?

another swap ?. will the tail light covers that are on the 66 fit in o 67. the 67 is a bit more plain and id like to have the 66 covers. anyone try it?

06-23-10, 01:40 AM
You can swap interiors with impunity, although you'll probably have to swap in the entire seat back just to have that grille. The reason the coupes have it is that they're trying to look like the convertibles. Sedans, not so much.

As for the tail lights, unless you're into major body work, 1967 is totally different from 1966.

06-23-10, 10:53 PM

06-23-10, 10:55 PM
Let's see some pics of your car!