: Best looking chrome tip exhaust

06-22-10, 12:17 AM
Can anyone tell me which ones you have and what looks best on the Eskys. Pics would be great and where to buy them

06-22-10, 08:05 AM
I think GM accessories has the best tips for the stock exhaust. Otherwise, I like the Corsa tips best.

06-22-10, 12:16 PM
I got the Magnaflow weld on tip from Summit Racing for I think $30. Its a beautiful tip. I got a welder at home so just slid the tip on the stock exhaust and just welded it on with a few tacks around it. Looks perfect to me. Didnt see the need in spending $50-100 in GMperformance parts tips.

06-22-10, 12:20 PM
I think GM accessories has the best tips for the stock exhaust. Otherwise, I like the Corsa tips best.

+1. GM Performance Tip for Escalade is great quality stainless and looks factory. Why the heck didn't they include it in the first place. I know it is $$, but come on.

06-22-10, 02:50 PM
I installed the E&G exhaust tip, looks great.

06-22-10, 03:37 PM
I want the best looking tip and I don't want it to change the sound. Will these tips still keep the factory sound or will it make it louder?

06-22-10, 04:15 PM
The aforementioned will keep the factory sound, they are a straight through design. No tip that I'm aware of will make your exhaust "louder". If a you purchase a resonator type tip, it will make the exhaust note quieter.

06-22-10, 04:22 PM
I tried to get one for my Hybrid and the Tech said that GM tip doesn't make one that will fit the Hybrid they said the exhaust was thinner. Any solutions or options?

06-22-10, 04:29 PM
Hybrids have an exhaust?;)

Anyway, you might have to measure the OD of the stock tip, and find something aftermarket or through an exhaust shop. Good luck...

06-22-10, 06:27 PM
Do they screw them on? How hard and how long will it take to put it on and how how much should they charge

06-22-10, 07:59 PM
No. They usually clamp them on or weld them. An exhaust shop should hook you up in less than 30 min and it shouldn't cost you anymore than $50.

06-22-10, 08:07 PM
anyone got a link to the GM exhaust tip?

06-22-10, 09:19 PM
GM tips clamps on in 2 minutes. Seriously . If you are more than 9 years old and have a screwdriver and 2 extra minutes , you are good to go.

06-22-10, 10:11 PM
Welded my E&G for $25 at a muffler shop, took about 10 minutes

06-23-10, 02:58 AM
anyone got a link to the GM exhaust tip?


Exhaust tip (http://www.gmaccessorieszone.com/Cadillac/2010/Escalade/Exhaust%20Tip%20-%20OE%20or%20Cat-Back/?tx_gmshopb2b_pi1%5Btype%5D=gm)

06-23-10, 07:43 AM
Has anyone ever had a problem welding on their Caddy with all the electronics on these things?