: CD/DVD changer question, Please HELP

06-21-10, 03:48 AM
Hi everyone

My name is Abdullah From Saudi Arabai. I'm new to the forum but been will known member in porsche forums ( 6speed-teamspeed-renntrack,,etc). I just purchased 2007 Escalade a month ago which was shipped from US originally. The CD changer stopped working. I took it to an audio shop and they told me I have to change the CD/DVD changer. The dealer here wont help since the car is from USA ( not purchased from them ). My question as fallows:

1) Where can I buy the changer itself ?

2) I have seen couple in ebay but without NAV. If i buy one of them and try to take off the changer it self would it work with mine which has NAV. Do the ones without NAV share same unit ?

3) How can I have it programmed latter since the dealer wont program it for the same reason.

I took the changer off and here is the numbers i see if that helps

bd66op18l0144e - d660be6118l0144

thanks and any comment would help


06-27-10, 02:48 AM
any one?

06-27-10, 01:02 PM
why not just buy from the dealer there.... they CAN"T say we won't serve you cuz it wasn't bought here..... maybe they can void your warranty, but they are required to give you service if you pay for it. Call GM here and complain about the dealer. YOu have worldwide warranty on your vehicle.

06-27-10, 02:34 PM
I don't think you're supposed to disassemble it like that and buy just the CD changer separate. You may just need to buy a new Navigation and sell your old one.