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06-18-10, 11:05 PM
Hi all,

I'm new to the forums and have a couple of questions. I have a 2007 Escalade EXT and I absolutely love it. I'll try to keep this short so forgive me if I ramble on too long...

1. I'm approaching 75000kms and was wondering if anybody had a general idea of what GMPP extended warranty runs in Canada? I've had some minor issues and pickin up an extended warranty would ease my mind a little.

2. What is the max brake rotor size that can be used with the 18" wheels. I run my 22"'s in the summer but use the 18"'s in winter. I was thinking about the EBC Sport Rotors from Autoanything. Anybody run these? Any suggestions on a different kind? Also if my fellow Canucks know of anywhere to get them in Canada, that would be greatly appreciated.

3. I am looking to get a Cat back exhaust and long tube headers. The cat back I have settled on is the B&B. Headers I'm leaning towards Kooks. Can anybody tell me the difference between these two part numbers? The first is $500 cheaper than the second.
1.56-6754-CC-6.2 (Thunderracing)
2.6752-FS-CC (SouthernCarParts)

Unfortunatly because I am new I cannot post direct links to the part websites. Also If anybody knows any links to places I can get the headers and B&B exhaust in Canada would be great.
I'm also running a Volant CAI and Preadator tune.

Sorry folks for the long post. I'll try to keep em shorter in the future. Thanks for the help and don't forget to keep em between the ditches.

06-18-10, 11:22 PM
There are two options that I was given at Toronto area Dealer for the warranty, either additional 40 or 60 K's when your warranty expires, I purchased the 40 k option and the price was negotiable as well, if you live in the Toronto area call the following company for mods, he also works directly with local Cadillac dealers, ESS Auto Couture - Dave 416 363-2886