: 86 fleetwood transmission won't kick down help

06-18-10, 07:44 AM
Well for starters I think I am cursed. This is my 3rd Cadillac and of the 3 the 1st one I put on the road. Previously I have had a 82 fleetwood coupe and a 66 calais. I just wanna drive one already!

On to the problem..

86 fleetwood rwd. 118k
Just purchased it from my neighbor. I just did plugs,wires, cap rotor and belts.. Drive to and fro work a few times this week. Its roughly a 15 mile trip either way. About 10 miles in the tranny seems to be going bonkers..
Approaching a stop sign it seems as if it will not shift back into 1st gear fast enough almost stalling. Upon acceleration it wont kick down all the time or it is delayed.. I adjusted the tv cable and it did not improve.

Is there any guidance from my fellow Cadillac heads.. I really wanna keep this one for a while.....I think I am cursed!!?

06-18-10, 11:00 PM
Torque converter clutch solenoid???