: transmission fluid leak!

06-16-10, 08:20 AM
I've got transmission fluid leaking from the top line that connect to the radiator. I've tighten the nut down as much as it would go but the leak is still there. Can anyone offer some sugesstions on how to fix this??

06-16-10, 08:58 AM
Did you just get this car? Is this a problem which just manifested itself? Remove the line and inspect the flare and the seat. If the flare is damaged, reflare it. If the seat is damaged, you'll have to take the radiator to a repair shop and replace the seat.

06-16-10, 09:07 AM
no, I've had this car for some time now. Just changed the radiator, because the other one was cracked. This is a new after market radiator. Thinking about it now...this was also a problem on the old radiator b/c there was oily build up on the bottom right corner.

06-16-10, 09:59 AM
but how do I stop the leak?

06-16-10, 01:36 PM
Put some thread compound on the thread and put it back in. I used the paste instead of the tape. That what I had to do.

06-17-10, 10:27 AM
Check the flare on the line. if the seat of the flare is damaged, it won't seal. Does it leak between the line and the fitting? When the fitting is tight, can you still move the line? Sometimes rust between the fitiing and the line is all that seals the connection. When you cracked the line and broke the seal, you may have cleaned out the rust and now the clearance between the line fitting and the seat don't from a seal. Reflare the line and use a new fitting. Should solve your problem.