: Cooling question I know Another one

06-15-10, 11:26 AM
So I have spent hours searching this forum and the eldorado/ seville forum looking for the answer to my question with nothing. I know fans kick on at 224/ 236. I even set the digital readout for temp and still can figure this out. I have a 2001 eldo etc. The cooling seems like it works fine with the ac off. Fans come on at 224 have only had the temp up to 226 in a summer day of 100. Got my ac working the other day so why not use it. The temp still creeps up to 224 and goes back down. Yesterday driving around the city stop and go traffic, stop signs, and lights, the temp got to 130 with ac on. from what I have read in the million or so post on here about the temp it seems like if the ac is on the fans are on and the temp should not budge. Anyone have answers besides head gasket had new (used engine put in already). If this is the case I am putting a brick on gas pedal and driving it off a cliff. High way driving gets down to 190's.

06-15-10, 03:47 PM
Have you checked all the usual suspects, belt tensioner, purge line, cap, bugs in the condenser fins, all air shrouds in place?

06-15-10, 04:36 PM
If by air deflectors you mean the ones on top of the upper radiator support and the splash shield on the bottom of the engine no I have been looking for them everywhere and can't find them anywhere the stealership says they aren't available anymore. If anyone has info where I can track those down it would be much appreciated. I didn't think that those did that much, anyone know how much they actually do.

06-15-10, 04:42 PM
They are exactly what I was talking about. They force the incoming air to go through the condenser and radiator rather than take the path of least resistance and deflect up or down. You need to replace them and see it that makes any difference. Check the junk yards or recyclers like LKQ or Yancy.

06-15-10, 04:49 PM
There are 4 - top, bottom, and floppy ones on the sides, and they do quite a bit for keeping airflow through rather than around the radiator/condenser.

www.car-part.com or junkyards.

Maybe, just maybe, a bit of luck in www.gmpartsgiant.com

Your temperature observations are not that far off for a hot day, A/C or not. (A hot day in heavy traffic with A/C sucking wind and the temp will climb - has to, BUT 230 is tops.......) As Ranger posted, the usual suspects - dirty radiator fins etc. Do both fans go to SLOW when you command A/C ON ?

06-15-10, 05:15 PM
Yeah both fans come on slow when ac is on. Im thinking that its the air deflectors the machanic that I had do the engine sublet it to another machanic and he is a coke head so he prob just sold them. the temp goes down but I can't imagine that it is good for the engine and the head bolts expanding and contracting like that. I will try those places listed and all the junk yards around here don't have any worcester ma area.

06-15-10, 05:28 PM
The engine, and all its pieces, is designed and built to expand and contract with temperature changes, and those changes are a product of normal operation. Consider the expansion/contraction of metals, oils and coolants when "warming up" from 22 degrees to 205..............and back again when you turn off the key..........

Cycling from 200 to 225 is nothing - nothing.